Buyers Resources

Here are some tools that will help you find the Virginia home or property that you’re looking for:

Buyer Discounts

Manassas inspector on the roof examines a skylightFree Home Inspections or Home Warranties for our online clients!!!   If you elect to hire us to represent you in the purchase of a home, we will provide you with either a free home inspection or free home warranty.  This represents a $350-$500 value.  The choice is yours and, unlike almost all other real estate companies in this area, we charge no administrative fees to the buyer.  So, our services in representing you will cost nothing, and you will have peace of mind in knowing that your purchase has been qualified by professionals.

On-line Services

Complete MLS Search Functions!  We are now offering direct access to the entire Multiple Listing Service for Northern Virginia from our website. Unlike our competitors websites, where much information has been hidden, we make it all available to our subscribers.  In other words, you have the same access to details that licensed Realtors have.  Click here to try it yourself!

At Metro 100 Realty, we have over 30 years experience helping buyers identify and buy real estate properties in Northern Virginia. We specialize in real estate located in Prince William, Fauquier, and Warren counties, along with the cities of Manassas, Front Royal, and Winchester. Our professionalism toward both the buyer and the seller in every real estate transaction is unparalleled. We insist on client satisfaction in all of our real estate transactions, and will do what must be done to close each contract successfully.

Please contact us in what ever manner is most convenient for you, or complete the appropriate online form, and we’ll help you find your dream home quickly.