How To Select A Manassas Property Management Company

First of all, why should you consider hiring a Manassas property management company?

Property management can be time consuming, tedious, and frustrating. Keeping a rental property profitable and running smoothly requires an ongoing presence and a full-time commitment of seasoned professionals. Many property owners have neither the time nor the expertise to manage their properties to maximum efficiency.

The goals of a professional property management company should be to:

  • Increase the net operating income by recommending rent increases and/or reducing operating expenses.
  • Protect the value of the property with insurance, inspections and maintenance
  • Increase the value of the property by preserving the condition and increasing profitability

What basic services should you expect in a standard property management agreement in Manassas?iStock_000013423533Small

  • Rent Collection: This includes collecting and banking rents and other income from tenants and updating records on a daily basis. The status of each tenant should be tracked monthly, along with delinquency reports, and this information should be forwarded to the property owners as appropriate.
  • Bill Payment: This includes utilities, vendors, and mortgages.
  • Property Maintenance: The property needs to be kept up for safety of tenants as well as to preserve the value.
  • Financial Reporting: There should be an annual budget for expenditures, and monthly statements should be forwarded to ownership.
  • Tenant Supervision and Relations: This necessitates 24 hour access by the tenants to respond immediately to emergencies and concerns as they arise.
  • Rental Analysis: As market conditions change, the property management company should provide recommendations for rent increases, and then handle the lease negotiations and renewals.
  • Employee Supervision: This entails the hiring, firing, supervision and payment of all employees assigned to the property.

In short… a property management company should protect the property for the owner, manage it to maximize profits, minimize unnecessary expenditures, and keep the tenants happy.

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